Chelsee Ivan

hometown (2011-2012)

Abby looks at me.

The view west in Taber's cemetery. It's winter, an angel tombstone with snow is in the bottom half of the frame, a few more grave stones are visible. The sky is a bleak grey blue.

My Uncle standing in his entrance way. He's holding up two sets of antlers from bucks he's killed. 

Abby sitting across from me in a booth at the Smitty's in Taber. 

A dead deer found in a ditch by the side of the road. I pulled over to take this photograph.

The view from my parent's back door. The setting winter sun colours the tree gold.

A window on the side of a yellow house. The shade is drawn and 4 dinosaur stickers are in the center. Their shadows prominent.

A plain bush in Taber Municipal Park, the edge of a coulee behind.

My hand holding up a white kitten with eyes not yet open.

My cousin Rylan on the road that goes past his parent's acreage. He's wearing a red Ecko hoodie, smoking and both of our shadows are visible.

A geometric pattern on the side of a house, a basement window, weeds, dead grass and red poppies center.

My mom standing in her driveway. She's just had eye surgery and her eyes are bruised. She's wearing a grey t shirt, a gold necklace and her back is facing North, Park 75 behind her. Flash was used. 

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